Table of Contents October 2001

Behind the Mask
Our mission statement. Consider this your first warning...

Our Reader's Private Corner
Letters to the site, true confessions and veiled threats.

The Black Mask Crime Review
This is where we'll be posting reviews of all things of a criminal nature, from the latest books to essays, films, television, even web sites, submitted by our readers.

This Just In
Our very own bulletin board, where we get to tell folks the latest news on one of our favourite topics: US!

About Our Cover
Keith Alan Deutsch interviews Rafael DeSoto, one of the great pulp cover artists of all time.

Suggested Links
Relevant links.

The Pulps
A guide to the pulps featured on this site.

Black Mask
Ground zero for our site, this is where you'll find fiction, illustrations and all sorts of goodies from the greatest pulp of them all!



Dime Detective
The only crime mag that came close to Black Mask, this one focussed more on series characters.

Dime Mystery

Terror Tales

Strange Detective Mysteries

Horror Stories


Famous Fantastic Mysteries

The Sunday Funnies
This is where we'll be presenting reprints of the classic Dashiell Hammet-penned comic strip Secret Agent X-9, and other soon-to-be announced treats.

Film & Television

The Black Mask Store
There is here we'll be offering for sale books, posters and other goodies.

The Morgue
This is where you'll find scans of all kinds of treasures from the days of the pulps. One-of-a-kind collector's items. Rare interviews. Oddities. Autograhs. Junk.
You know, the good stuff...

About Our Cover

Our Masthead
The with no alibis.



Rob Preston

Keith Alan Deutsch

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