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The namesake of this site, Black Mask Magazine is the pulp magazine that launched a thousand pulp fiction dreams. This site will also incorporate Dime Detective, Dime Mystery, Strange Detective Mysteries, Terror Tales, Horror Stories, Adventure and Famous Fantastic Mysteries, but great as they all were, Black Mask Magazine still reigns supeme, holding a unique place in our hearts and in American popular culture.



Scotty Scouts Around by Raoul Fauconnier Whitfield
Whitfield is one of the unjustly forgotten innovators of hard-boiled fiction. A contemporary of Hammett's, he is often credited with one of the earliest writers of pulp aviation fiction. This early example of the genre first appeared in Black Mask in 1926, and vividly displays the wide-scope of the magazine's early adventure and detective fiction.


The Hammett Tour by Michael Glassberg
Our man in Hollywood heads north, to walk a mile or so in Sam Spade's shoes.

Norbert Davis: Profile of a Pulp Writer by John L. Apostolou
Profile and bibliography of the creator of Max Latin, Bailbond Dodd and Doan & Carstairs.

Do You Want To Become a Writer Or Do You Want To Make Money?
by Joseph T. Shaw
A classic reprint from the May 1934 Writer's Digest.

But Mister... You Don't Look Like An Author
by Theodore A. Tinsley
Another classic reprint from the May 1934 Writer's Digest.

Author's Introduction to the 1982 Edition of Solomon's Vineyard
by Jonathan Latimer
Latimer seems to have been having a bit of fun with this one...

Curt Siodmak: The Black Mask Interview
by Keith Alan Deutsch
A long-lost interview from the mid-seventies.

W.T. Ballard:An Interview
by Stephen Mertz
Reprinted from The Armchair Detective, Winter 1979.

Interview with Lurton Blassingame
by Keith Deutsh
Reprinted from Cover One, Issue #0 1977


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